Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn's Moon

The first order of business after a late evening's arrival at the cabin is to take a broom and clear the covered porch of leaves. Summer's canopy above is surrendering to Fall's arrival and has released it's load. Dried transients that stopped en route must be forced on to their winter grave below.

With beverage in hand and trusted companion Kuma d.o.g. at my side, I settle into a favorite chair awaiting night's arrival. Soon the day's sun drops slowly behind the western hill causing the string of solar lights above the porch to blink awake for yet another long night.

Darkness finally arrives and a short intermission begins where silence falls over the farm. The only sound is the steady drip from the drain of the Char-Cooler on the porch as ice inside is sacrificed while fulfilling a purpose of keeping the contents cold.

With little delay, tree frogs and crickets strike up a symphony as the First Act begins.

Autumn's moon begins it's ascent above the eastern hill directly behind the cabin. A distinct separation and stark contrast between light and dark moves across the trees and meadow below as the lunar curtain rises.

Sitting now under the light of  a three quarter moon reveals nocturnal wildlife moving about below.

Peace envelops the valley for another Fall night in the woods.

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