Sunday, October 28, 2012

3 Jims visit the cabin

Our cabin was built for family, friends, fellowship, rest, and relaxation. Although there is pride in ownership, true satisfaction comes from sharing with others and enjoying the look and comments from first time visitors. So many share a common opinion that it seems so much bigger when inside than when observing it from out doors. The design was intended to create this sense of space inside that makes it very unique on such a small scale of 384 sq ft.

Kuma d.o.g stays with me during visits where we both enjoy a late night rain that sings us to sleep; Friday was no exception. Both Saturday morning and today included breakfast visitors shortly after daylight. On Saturday morning, brother-in-law Mike Childers and a family friend, Connie Martin came out and enjoyed ham and cheese omelettes, bacon and coffee. Connie recently purchased a new Jeep Wrangler which gives her access to ManCamp like few others. Today, 3 Jims, Jim Snodgrass, Jim Sevens and Jim Dixon came out. This was only the second time Jim Snodgrass had been to the cabin and he brought Sevens and Dixon along to see our project. All 3 are good friends and always welcome in my life. Connie Martin could not pass an opportunity to visit with her friends and co-workers, "The 3 Jims," so she too accepted a breakfast invitation today.

The 3 Jims and a ManCamp invader. Connie Martin, Jim Snodgrass,
Jim Sevens and Jim Dixon enjoying the cabin kitchen

Nobody gets out without a Kodak moment in
front of the fireplace. Jim, Connie, Jim and Jim

The loft bed makes for a great getaway. Star filled nights for sleeping and
natural light for reading. On a rainy Fall day, this is my favorite place
to be.

Table set for 2 more dinner guests.

Sometimes its the little things that make a difference.

Saturday morning's kitchen after the rush.

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