Wednesday, September 19, 2012


As a 'baby-boomer' that grew up in the 60s and 70s, I acquired a taste for wine at an early age. Back then, it didn't take much to satisfy our taste buds; a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill would do. The wine was cheap and good and we would drink it straight from the bottle while puffing on Swisher Sweet cigars. It didn't concern us that people would say it contained embalming fluid; we were young and reckless and full of life. There was also no such thing as pouring it into a glass, we drank it straight from the bottle. If you're a 'boomer' you'll understand, otherwise, just accept our generation for who we are and what we did.

As I've aged, I still enjoy the taste of wine and although I've matured and only drink it by the half filled glass, I still prefer the cheaper wines like Riuniti. There is not a great deal of difference in price between Riuniti and Boone's Farm. I have never been one to buy 'top shelf' stuff for myself as I really see no value in the extra expense based on my preference of taste. However, today I went to Kroger's and bought a bottle of Kendall-Jackson Merlot. This is $20 a bottle that sells for $75 on fine restaurant menus. I bought it for a friend that had asked to see the cabin and was looking forward to sitting on the porch while sipping some wine this evening. We agreed to get together and I was to take them out for their first cabin visit.

My friend's taste is more refined than mine so I thought I'd splurge a little on a wine of his preference so as not to reveal my own low-end standard. Unfortunately, my friend had to break plans and couldn't come out to enjoy it. With nobody to share, I enjoyed a glass or two of the Kendall-Jackson by myself with some sharp chedder cheese I had in the cooler. Perhaps in the future, my friend will find time to try it again and he too will find out how time slows down at the cabin.

Sitting on the porch provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy nature. While turkeys cluck all around in the forest, deer gently come out to enjoy the sweet grass of the meadow below.

They have no idea I'm watching as I sit on the porch sipping my wine.

A Kendall-Jackson Merlot 2009 evening is good with or without friends

They don't even know I'm watching as I sit on the porch.

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