Sunday, September 16, 2012

Enjoying cabin visitors

I always enjoy having visitors at the cabin; today was no exception.

Since my wife has no real interest in the cabin, I trek to the woods alone. With provisions and trusted companion Kuma d.o.g. at my side, its time to settle in for a much needed attitude adjustment after a stressful day on my job.

Not long after the wicks are lit, a fire is built and music fills the room do I start unwinding while realizing what a sanctuary the cabin has become. Kuma has fully settled in where she now has her own food and water bowl, a rawhide chewy at her side and a favorite spot for sleeping.  At home in town, its easy to stay awake late at night with the TV on and a computer available to surf. At the cabin, a fire, a dog, and a glass of wine is all that's needed and I'm ready to call it a day long before 10.

Mornings come early as the light of the sun fills the room shortly after 6 eliminating the need for a distracting alarm clock. Another log on the fire, a handful of kindling in Beulah and coffee is soon available on a hot stove to start another day.

Today, my sister and her husband arrived as fog was still heavy in the valley. As they knocked on the door, I was just turning the last link of maple sausage over on the griddle while wondering who would be foundered by all the bounty first, Kuma or me. Sandy and Mike brought the Sunday papers and an appetite for a cabin breakfast of flapjacks, sausage and baked cinnamon rolls. Beulah the wood stove delivered a hot and steamy breakfast just as my great aunt Beulah would have prepared years ago. An uneventful yet relaxing visit lasting until late into the morning provided plenty of time to fill the palate and belly while enjoying light conversation over the morning papers.

Later in the day, long after my guests had departed, two friends, John and Jacob Knight visited with me. As we sat on the porch talking too loud for deer to show, we could hear the unique cluck of wild turkeys all around in the woods. John and Jacob's visit provided an opportunity for me to share the unique surroundings and what a special place the cabin has become.
A vase that matches the cabin lamps has found a
place on the dinner table.

Beulah knows how to serve up a breakfast. Percolated coffee, maple sausage, flapjacks
and an oven full of cinnamon rolls.

Sister Sandy and brother in law Mike
enjoying a hot breakfast.

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