Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall 2012

On Fall's first weekend, I shared a day with my youngest son Nic at the Renaissance Festival. We go every year together and I always try to find something for the cabin. This year, we purchased a candle rock for the 'coffee table'. A candle rock is much more rustic and manly than a Yankee Candle Co candle in a jar. Alan and Barbara Van Der Like in Sebring, Fl began making candle rocks as an alternative to glass candle jars their cats kept knocking off the tables. A little project became a business that has expanded nationwide.

I took Kuma to the cabin to stay the night with me and after building a fire and having a glass of wine, we both were fast asleep sawing logs. After midnight, a knock on the door woke us both from deep sleep. My instincts told me there was no need for the S&W 38 Special as I met the late night visitor. We were pleasantly surprised to find Nic had walked through the dark woods to join us.

After a short visit recapping his evening activities, we turned in; Nic and Kuma on the sofa together and me under a thick quilt on the loft bed. He found out quickly how quiet it gets in the woods where the only sound is the ticks of the Regulator on the wall and the crackling of the fire.

Nic in character at the Renaissance Festival

Our 2 wick candlelight rock provides plenty of light

A candle light rock from

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