Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sweet Spring Rain

Spring canopy engulfs the cabin. A wet Spring brings out all the leaves.

All views are filled with green.

Looking out over the hill reminds me of being in a tree house.

The fireplace side rocker provides plenty of breeze from the corner
windows and lots of reading light. Kuma d.o.g. left her chew bone
behind on the hearth for her next visit.

Seems like this little fella on the porch is wondering how its going to
finish all of this food.

A 5:30 am thief working on the porch feeders.

In the largest bird feeder, this squirrel is really big.
Spending more and more time enjoying the cabin. Dark nights with candles illuminating open windows and a gentle rain falling through the trees or dancing on the roof makes for peaceful sleeping weather. Squirrel population continues to grow and I've become more tolerant of the raccoons that frequent the porch in the middle of the night. Small price to pay to get away from the pace and stress of life's issues.

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