Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Driving 'Libby Jeep' back to the cabin today during the dinner hour resulted in a dozen fat bottom squirrels and as many chipmunks having to scatter for cover. After re-filling the feeders, I went inside to air out the cabin and enjoy the evening. I can no longer recall when I first discovered that the window blinds were hung too low and causing an obstruction when opening the windows. After raising 3 of 4 a few weeks past, I finally took the time to reposition the last set today. I have no idea why procrastination is so dominate in my character. The task took less than 15 minutes but I continued putting it off while knowing it had to be done. With all 4 windows fully open, the cabin quickly cooled down to 65 degrees as a gentle breeze flowed through. With the windows open, I could hear deer moving above the fence line, wild birds, owls, and a  breeze blowing through the pines. As I sat in the rocker with my feet on a stool sipping a glass of wine, I realized that completing tasks improves the cabin and satisfies the soul.

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