Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Original cabin sketches

Who would have thought it could be 65 degrees in Ohio on February 1?

I remember -22 degrees on this date once while cold, windy, snowy weather is expected for February in Ohio. I'm sure we'll pay dearly for this weird winter weather pattern with violent Spring storms but we'll take it for now. It certainly made for good porch sitting although an unpleasant noise was interrupting the peace of the woods just above the cabin. In the state forest, heavy timber cutting equipment was select cutting large white oaks on the side of Mt. Pisgah. I guess they no longer use chain saws. It sounded like a dozer with some type of hydraulic device that was simply cutting them off at the ground as a large white oak would fall about every 20-30 minutes.

While going through some files, I found the original sketches from the day we first decided to build a cabin. Sitting with Nic, I took graph paper and sketched the outside views of the cabin. It seems like yesterday that I was asking Nic what he thought and if he concurred with the conceptual design. Once we both agreed, construction began. Now, after completing the build, it was rewarding to find the original sketches to compare to the final product. I've always said its good when a plan comes together. More importantly, having dreams come true is what we all hope to achieve.

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