Monday, July 22, 2013

Mid summer night at the cabin

This has been a strange Ohio summer with so much rain and cool weather. Until recently, it has been unseasonably cool without the normal high July temperatures. In Scioto Trails, we typically get heat, humidity and drought conditions with the woods surrounding the cabin wilting and screaming for a drink from nature's overhead nourishment. Not this year; a rain forest full of green foliage is everywhere and its obvious to a casual observer that we've had plenty of rain as bright healthy vines climb the cabin lattice.

Kuma d.o.g. once again accompanied me to the cabin for an evening's retreat and night's rest during this environment of climate transition. Thankfully, some things remain unchanged. Like the solar powered porch lights that twinkle on at the onset of dusk, or the cool air that greets us as we open the front door. And then there's the smell of the hickory floor and pine walls as we renew our primitive bond and enter for another visit.

Late in the evening there is little time to do much before retiring. Opening the windows, lighting candles, pouring a small glass of wine and settling into a comfortable chair to soak in nature's sounds, smells and breeze. There are televisions, radios, cell phones and computer tablets to entertain but all remain silent as the real enjoyment is just outside the screens in the shadow of a few dancing wicks.

An over weight Labrador stretched out on a hearth rug snoring to high heaven is enough to serenade anyone to sleep under these circumstances.

After swallowing the last sip of wine and extinguishing the last candle, I too find myself horizontal and ready for the peace of the woods.

Soon after total darkness is upon us, we both raise our ears and heads to the sound of a pack of coyotes howling outside. Knowing they are of little threat while passing innocently through their habitat, my companion and I return to sleep as we enjoy yet another mid-summer night at the cabin.

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