Sunday, February 03, 2013

Where Friends Gather

The past two weekends have been filled with opportunities to share cabin time with my two sons and their friends. So how does an old man like myself entertain young men in their 20s? The short answer is "food, guns and movies".  One might think alcohol would play a role but surprisingly, it isn't a factor anymore than a cold glass of milk. I've found the most important element is good food and a place to just hang out. However, if guns are available to shoot targets, then everyone gets very happy.

Today, Brandon and his friends Chris and Jamel wanted to visit and do some target practice. I've always took pride in being a good host so knowing in advance they were coming allowed time to put a pot of chili on Beulah, pick up shells, and something to toast our friendships.

I may be getting old but by the end of the day it was apparent these boys had a great time and enjoyed the hospitality.

Toast to our friendships

Brandon with the Smith & Wesson .38 Special that was his great, great
grandfathers. I recall hearing stories of my grandfather squirrel hunting with this gun.

On a cold February day covered in snow, its easy to get wet feet. Beulah's low
heat burners are just right for roasting the cold and wetness out of socks as a pot
of chili slowly simmers.

Jamel rolls toilet tissue before shooting a .40 caliber S&W while Brandon awaits
with his own tissue in his ears.

Jamel Rider enjoying his second large bowl of chili with Cheez-Its.

Chris with his own .40 S&W and a .22 rifle

Inside by the fire, bowls of chili and a movie hits the spot.

It didn't take Chris long to eliminate an old bird house with his semi-automatic .40

Nobody leaves the cabin without a Kodak moment in front of the fireplace

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