Sunday, November 18, 2012

Getting ready for the holidays

This is the first year to decorate the cabin for the holidays and I've been looking forward to getting it ready for Christmas for weeks. If you can't get in the holiday spirit when entering a warm cabin decked out in Christmas cheer, you never will.

Kuma d.o.g. spent a couple of evenings at my side while making it happen. While I was busy stringing lights and garland or putting up the tree, she layed comfortably on the sofa chewing a rawhide bone.

I'm always happy when a plan comes together and feel the atmosphere I was trying to achieve comes through; at least for me.

This morning, Jim Snodgrass and Mike Casey visited the cabin and enjoyed breakfast with us.

Ready for Santa

A Christmas Cabin

Waiting for Santa's arrival.

The magic of Christmas

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas at the cabin

Mike Casey and Jim Snodgrass.


  1. My husband and I love your cabin! He remarked about how much he loved the Indian/Horse picture over the stove so I was wondering if you could tell me where you found it. If it's not an original I would love to try to get it for a Christmas present for him. Love the blog and we hope to start our cabin in a few years on our lake property in Texas!

  2. Heather, it is an original ink print. I've had it about 20 years and bought it at a furniture store. He probably likes it more than I do as it is just a place holder at my cabin until I get a good wildlife picture to put in its place. I gave about $150 for it new.