Thursday, November 08, 2012

Deposit in the Emotional Bank Account

With one foot on a sofa cushion and the other on the weathered coffee table trunk, I sit stretched out in the light of a new fire Nic built in the hearth.

Having arrived at a dark cabin on a cold November evening, it took little coordinated effort for us to establish a peaceful and solitude environment in the woods we both sought after a busy work week day.

Now in the glow of a colorful fire, we each relax in our own way.

A stick of incense from the Ohio Renaissance Festival burns slowly on a corner table saturating the cabin with a unique, yet pleasant scent neither of us recognize.

Music from National Public Radio World Cafe fills the room as Nic rocks slowly in front of the fire in the recliner while texting friends on an iPhone.

I find satisfaction nibbling roasted almonds while sipping on a glass of Merlot; just staring at the fire in the dark while listening, smelling, relaxing and counting life's Blessings.

Once again I'm reminded of that summer day years earlier as we both stepped off the footprint of our cabin dream on the forest floor and how it has now come to be.

A cabin fire

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