Thursday, April 25, 2013

Neglected Cabin

So many distractions over the past couple of weeks resulted in few cabin visits. No specifics, just lots of competing priorities have kept my trusted companion and me from spending any quality time in the woods.

This afternoon I finally took Kuma d.o.g. on a date and a long walk traipsing around the farm that ended in the cabin. She was so happy to just go in and curl up on the sofa that I realized she loves these visits just as much as I do.

Sitting and looking around, it seems like its been so long since it was built; I can't help but wonder how we did it with such limited skills and tools. It just proves the you can achieve your goals if you focus attention and persevere.

I'm still amazed how quiet it gets even during the day. The ring in the ears and an occasional woodpecker or the wall clock is all you hear while  sitting on the porch on days like today.

Spring is all around where new life is blooming every where you look.

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